Randy Lu was exposed to art at a young age.   She had her first art class at age six.  Visiting permanent museum collections and special exhibits were treasured family outings.  She has visited many fine art collections in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and developed a preference for Western Impressionistic and Far Eastern painting. 

Over the years, she experimented with macrame, India ink, woodblock printing, charcoal pencils, and soft pastels before finding her niche in oil pastels and watercolor (including traditional watercolors and watercolor pencils).

Living overseas in Western Europe and East Asia has had a profound influence on her thought and approach to art.  Her travels in the U.S. and abroad have inspired numerous paintings.

She is fond of lush landscapes, rugged mountains, unusual flowers, and oddly shaped rock formations.  

She established her company, Randy Lu Pastels And Watercolor with the goal of offering retailers and other businesses out of the ordinary stationery and giftware products that make the everyday special.  She enjoys bringing art into people's lives.

In addition to being an artist, she is also a writer and poet and has published numerous works including her recently published novel, Beijing Tales  which has been highly reviewed by the Midwest Book Review "Small Press Bookwatch" and elsewhere.  You can read more about her books on her author website (https://www.randylubooks.com).